About Us

Disaster Management Initiatives and Convergence Society (DMICS) is a civil society initiative, established in the year 2005. Earlier known as Disaster Management Infrastructure and Control Society, the organization over a period of time has transformed itself from being a think tank to that of a Community Centric Organization. Registered under the ‘Societies Registration Act, Government of Andhra Pradesh’ this organization serves as a convergence society for decision makers, practitioners and experts on Disaster Risk Reduction. It aims to initiate innovative practices, ideas and thoughts by means of launching new projects, organizing global events on Disaster Management sharing best practices centering on the well being of humanity against natural and manmade disasters. DMICS has been working towards promoting campaigns and solutions for effective Disaster Resilience and Recovery methodologies (DRR).

Right from its inception in 2005, DMICS has been relentlessly and consistently advocating the obvious necessity of awakening the conscience of all, Government officials, bureaucrats, academicians, intellectuals, scientists, practitioners, professionals and various agencies associated with Disaster Management around the world.

At the level of its organization, the policies and programs of DMICS are regulated by its Governing Body which comprises of eminent persons from all walks of the society with wide spectrum of specializations and experiences. The unique feature of the DMICS body is that it is organized and supervised by mentors with the highest intellect and knowledge in the domain of DRR. The organization has two set of committees: Governing Body and Organizing Committee. Apart from these, DMICS has a core team of consultants, advisors and project-specific professionals drawn from across the world who are equally driven to the cause of efficient Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilient Communities.